Cyalume Light Sticks

Cyalume ChemLight

Cyalume is the undisputed world leader in innovative specialty light technology serving a variety of tactical, supply, and safe egress missions with proven reliability and effectiveness.

SOS Cyalume Light Stick

Integrated into military procedures and doctrines, Cyalume ChemLights™ are used by an overwhelming majority of military forces around the world, millions of times each year.


Your mission depends on effective operations; Cyalume is a name you can trust. Cyalume® lights are waterproof, durable, self contained and ready all the time, every time.

ChemLights™. can be air dropped with personnel or equipment, ejected into the ocean or blasted out of a 40mm gun: Cyalume® lights stay on.

See and be seen or decide to use IR stealth. Either way, Cyalume can control darkness to your advantage.

Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, Military Police, Fire, Special Ops, all use ChemLights™ Made exclusively to military specifications in the US and Europe, Cyalume lights are deployed everywhere and are being advanced every day.

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