Emergency Light Sticks- Thermal Protection - Watermaker/Desalinator
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Thermal Blankets
Thermal Blankets Size 52" x 84".
There are 25 blankets per case.
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Cyalume Light Sticks

Cyalume Light Sticks Emergency

ChemLights Emergency LightingCyalume Light Sticks ChemLight

12-Hour light sticks available in green, yellow, orange and red. There are 50 light sticks per case.

Cyalume is the undisputed world leader in innovative specialty light technology serving a variety of tactical, supply, and safe egress missions with proven reliability and effectiveness.

Integrated into military procedures and doctrines, Cyalume ChemLights™ are used by an overwhelming majority of military forces around the world, millions of times each year.


Part No. LS50 † Case price † 50 pieces per case. Our Price:
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Immersion Suit
Immersion Suit
  • Three fingered mitt to keep your fingers warmer.
  • Two zipper tab pulls on zipper located at top and bottom of zipper. This cuts down on donning time allowing the zipper to be pulled straight up.
  • Wide legs allow quick donning with the ability to don with shoes or boots on. Ankle straps to aid in walking.
  • Toe valves purge water fast. If the suit is damaged, or donned in the water, it will be necessary to purge any water from the suit before moving into a life raft, boarding another vessel or moving on to a beach. These valves not only purge water very quickly, they also release trapped air upon entering the water.

  •

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Watermaker "Survivor 06"
Watermaker Desalinator

Survivor-06 hand pump combines reverse osmosis and energy recovery technology to make pure, drinkable water from salt, brackish or contaminated fresh water.

In about ten minutes, you can make a cup of water with virtually all sea salts and other contaminants removed.  Its simple design plus energy recovery technology make Survivor-06 comfortable to use for long periods of time. And its ultra-compact size make the Survivor-06 easy to operate and store in an emergency survival kit or life raft valise. 


Part No. WAT0101-101 † Weight: 2.5 lbs. † Pack Size: 5"x8"x2.5" Our Price:
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