Safety Equipment: Immersion Suit


  • Three fingered mitt to keep your fingers warmer.
  • Two zipper tab pulls on zipper located at top and bottom of zipper. This cuts down on donning time allowing the zipper to be pulled straight up.
  • Wide legs allow quick donning with the ability to don with shoes or boots on. Ankle straps to aid in walking.
  • Toe valves purge water fast. If the suit is damaged, or donned in the water, it will be necessary to purge any water from the suit before moving into a life raft, boarding another vessel or moving on to a beach. These valves not only purge water very quickly, they also release trapped air upon entering the water.
  • Face Seal is soft and flexible making it comfortable to wear.
  • High rider ring. Keep more of your whole upper body out of the water. Back straps keep the ring in place.
  • More Reflective tape on suit than required.
  • Sturdy carrying bag with two handles.


*   Suits should not be fully donned if in the wheel house but tied around the waist. This is a precaution to prevent entrapment in the wheel house. 

** Suits are true size. Try all suits on before stowing for use.